Pages for Eilidh Crellin Ford - born 11 August 2005.

Early collection of snaps until we have time to organise them better!

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Family Eilidh
30 seconds old     Hello Mum     We are Family     Hello Dad
One hour old     The team that made it all happen - Mary, Lisa, Melanie...and Eilidh!     Granpa Ford and Granny Carol     Three generations of Fords...which is which?!
Wetting the baby's head...Changing Table makes great drinks trolley     Hey 19 [hours old]...Steely Dan song in case you didn't know     Granny Ford - well chuffed     Grandma Dickinson - also well chuffed
The fan club (L to R) Pooh, Teddy, Wee Teddy, and Tigger     Clan Mackay - Big Cousin Lauren, Great Uncle Danny, Great Auntie Joyce     Clan Dickinson - Granda Reg, Grandma Joan and proud Mum     The Ford Family
Our star of the show [what's all the fuss about]     Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines...     ...and they're OFF!  The long walk to freedom :-)

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