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  The pics below were taken during the latter stages of Campbell's Paternity Leave.  Not looking forward to returning to work at all.  And can you blame him?!

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Family Eilidh

Aw     A wee prayer     Flowers from Roz, Cameron, Alicia, LogicaCMG, Granny Ford and Alistair     Katrina gets a wee hold

The Jawas look     Spot the difference - courtesy of Great Auntie Pauline     With Mandy and Lucy-Jo     Candlelit dinner for TWO...Eilidh has crashed out...thanks to Roz for the chilli!
Dad and three cute chicks - result!  (that's local midwife Pat, by the way - she's cool)     Eilidh models this season's knitwear, mostly by the Avonmill Ladies plus Nana and Grandma :-)     Fast chick - at home in the Elise already     ...and then exhausted after all that high octane action
Danny and Joyce finally get a quite moment     FUNKY slippers, courtesy of Auntie Donna and  Uncle Ian     The Tyson look - from Granny Carol     Eilidh shares a joke with Granpa Ford (!)
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