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  Foxy Cleopatra threw a most excellent bash (she's pretty groovy), at the shagadelic centre of swinging Pitlochry man, yeah!

All the groovy types were there, Dr Evil, Number Two, Minime, those smashing Japanese Twins Fook Mi and Fook Yu,  Foxy, and hey, no party is complete without the international man of mystery himself Mr Austin Powers.

Check out the snaps from that world renowned photographer...Peace, baby!

The party gets swinging when Dr Evil and Minime show up - "it's a hard knock life" for them!  Foxy Cleopatra makes her peace with Austin after all those years in the psychedelic wilderness...and those damned darned twins cruise into the joint, so all the cool cats break into a sweat... 

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The twins make to leave, but Austin's sheer animal magnetism forces them to stay to drink very large glasses of fine red wine.  Dr Evil and Minime get into the "swing" of this party thing, before Number Two turns up and kills the mojo moment dead there and then man, yeah...



Austin's magical chic tartan trousers soon get the girls swooning (and a few of the boys too, smashing baby yeah!) and we try a bit of Guru Shastri's cool levitation trick.  Number Two is obviously having a really groovy time...



The Cast:

  • Foxy Cleopatra - Roz
  • Fook Mi - Lisa
  • Fook Yu - Donna
  • Dr Evil - Ian
  • Number Two - Cameron
  • Minime - Findlay
  • Austin Powers - Campbell

Austin and his friends would like to point out that no midgets, slapheads, badgers or Japanese Twins were harmed in the making of this party.


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