This is a temporary page to display some key photo memories.  I hope to produce a proper suite covering the entire two week trip when time permits (!)

The thumbnails are pretty crummy as I had no experience of photo editing back in 2001...but the images behind them are pretty usable, and if you want a high res version, email me - campbell at this domain (you can work it out!)

Hover over the pics for basic captions

The Paddock - Steading Car Park, Edinburgh     Fat Bob Fisics grows impatient - Goodwood     FBF helps the ferry captain locate Spain - Portsmouth
Some carpark this - somewhere in northern Spain     Paul had only just washed it too - Andorra (or thereabouts)     In car footage
Please keep together children - near Barcelona     Montserrat - Barcelona     Shall we get Lisa p!ssed on the local firewater then?
Jimmy Saville eat your heart out

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