motoring: Leaves Run 26 Oct 03


  This is the fourth time we've arranged this tour of autumn roads and colours.

Year 1 used this same route - around Perthshire and some neighbouring counties - and after a couple of diversions into Border country for the last two years, we're back at the original and best.  Perthshire in autumn is as fine as Canada in Fall, IMHO.

Only a small number of my own pictures are shown below (I was too busy driving).  However here are links to others':

If you'd like information on the route used, please email me.  campbell at

Motoring Leaves Run - 26 Oct
  Oulton - 15 Nov
  Knockhill - 29 Feb

Paddock - Powmill Milk Bar!     Sun trap at Moor of Rannoch Hotel     North-east from the Schiehallion road

UJI on descent from Schiehallion     Autumn Gold     Journey's end