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Usual banter in the car park of the hotel gives way to a typical wild goose chase to find the circuit.  Any car not being taken on track is turned to an instant storage facility.  Proof that the Elise truly is spacious...

Chit-chat     Car park lineup     Left luggage

Some useful guides to Oulton - both for the spectator and the driver - are to be found here:

Motoring Leaves Run - 26 Oct
  Oulton - 15 Nov
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The following are all taken at Lodge corner.  Not sure who brought the radical - not a Scottish Eliser - but it was fast. 

Radical SR3     S135R     Uldis

Clearly silver is the colour to have... 

Kelvin     Simon     Ali impersonator (Christopher Neal demo)

But Dirty Black is still the New Black.  And there's Russell showing the grace and ability of a Morgan: 

Graeme     Russell's Morgan