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Oulton is actually a very picturesque circuit!   When not admiring the view, Kelvin likes to shove his hand up the back end of an Elise for fun.  Scotty is assuming the position. 

Tower, tree and bridge     Kelvin and Scotty

Motoring Leaves Run - 26 Oct
  Oulton - 15 Nov
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This set was taken at the exit from Druids - a very fast corner.  Had to pan pretty fast to catch this lot.  Spot the loony offering a polite salute for the crowd... 

Stu     Jon     Scotty's Salute

(Click here for a crazy version of Stu's kermit green 160)

A clutch of S1s show us how it's done... 

Kelvin     Robin     Steve

But Russell is still the king of swing in his maroon Morgan: 

Russell     Titanium S1