wedding: honeymoon



Day 0 - Day 2:  San Diego, LA, Universal Studios

It was ironic that we had to catch a redeye flight from Edinburgh to Heathrow to start the holiday - I've used such a flight many times in the last couple of years, which is mostly how we amassed the BA Miles to fund the trip in the first place!

British Airways looked after us very well on the way to San Diego though - albeit that you have to walk through Business Class and World Traveller Plus to get to the cheap seats at the back :-(

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Several reasonable shots out of the window of our Boeing 777:

Cumbrian coastline     Icefloes on Greenland     Yellowstone     Lake in Utah

Great Salt Lake, Utah     Fields     Desert - probably Utah, possibly Arizona or Nevada!


Around LA:

Lisa at Malibu Beach     Downtown LA     Downtown LA     Theatre


The unrivalled Universal Studios:

2Fast2Furious     Apollo 13     Jurassic Splash     Waterworld