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Day 3 - Day 5:  Pacific coast, Big Sur, Yosemite

After the hustle-bustle of LA, and the overstatement of Universal Studios, this was a welcome escape.  Cruising up the Pacific Coast Highway ("PCH") from Malibu to Big Sur really is quite spectacular.

Stopped off at San Luis Obispo for lunch in the famous "Apple Farm Inn".

The pictures below don't do justice to the areas - especially not Yosemite - and the contrast between our pretty and cosy cabin at Big Sur, and the MASH style "tent cabin" at Yosemite couldn't have been greater...

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First section of Pacific Coast, between LA and Big Sur...oh, and can you spot the Hire Car...

Pacific Coast looking south-west     Pacific Coast looking north-west     Mustang Sally and co-driver     Approaching Big Sur


Big Sur Campground and coastline.  The cabin in the first shot was idyllic - this Campground is highly recommended (review here): 

Classy cabin     Redwood forest     Big Sur coastline - looking south-west     Big Sur coastline - looking north-west


We were reluctant to leave Big Sur, and now wish we'd had time to stay longer, but Yosemite beckoned and at least we got these views on the way.  The water feature is the San Luis Obispo reservoir, San Francisco's water's hooj... 

San Luis reservoir     San Luis Reservoir and pier     The open road :-)


Yosemite is an impressive place - though it probably needs a lot more time devoted to it to explore properly.  We had just 2 days and 2 nights (spent in a less than basic tent cabin - no pics fortunately!!), but here's what we squeezed in:

Some of the first views are of a quite alien landscape - lots of white granite contrasting with evergreen forest...

El Capitan     North Dome and forest     Mirror Lake     Forests and Rockface

During our only full day in the park, we hiked the mile or two to Vernal Fall...normally much heavier than shown here (being the end of Summer).  The weird formation of North Dome contrasts with regular wildlife (who tried to share our sandwiches!!)...

North Dome     Any chance of a sandwich?     Vernal Fall - almost dry     Lisa at Vernal Fall

Last but certainly not least, two of the popular icons and landmarks of Yosemite...Halfdome seen through the giant redwoods, and The Cathedral, looming over meadows... 

Halfdome - symbol of the park     The Cathedral