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Day 7-9:  Las Vegas

No trip to California would be complete without a raid across the border into Nevada...and the gamblers' mecca of Las Vegas.

We left the heat and desolation of Death Valley behind, heading to Amargosa Valley on Highway 95 via Death Valley Junction.  This brings you close to the Nevada Test Site - "Area 51" to the UFO believers - and through a number of military bases, including Indian Springs.

Conveniently, Nevada Test Site is shrouded by a ring of mountains, so nothing to see for the casual passer-by.  We didn't see anything paranormal - shame really.  Well, not until we arrived in Vegas...

We also had the thrill of a helicopter ride from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, via Hoover Dam - check out the pictures.

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First up is the foyer of our hotel, "Circus Circus", one of the earliest hotels remaining on the Strip.  It was cheap, comfortable and not as intimidating as some of the others.  The increasingly ostentatious frontages of other hotels can't be overlooked, eg "Excalibur"...

Circus Circus foyer     Fairytale Castle     Excalibur

"Paris" (seen through the fountains of "Bellagio" across the street!), and "New York New York"...

Paris     Paris through Bellagio fountain     New York New York

This Eiffel Tower replica is actually 1:2 scale, though probably smaller than Stratosphere: 

Eiffel Tower     Stratosphere


Bellagio is one of the most majestic facades, and features dancing fountains with occasionally authentic Italian background music:

Bellagio     Bellagio fountain     Wall of water


Various interior shots:  

  • Lisa's winnings (we only gambled $20 each in all...and lost the lot obviously)
  • Campbell's punishment for non-payment of gambling debts
  • an MGM Lion (unlike Siegfried & Roy's White Tigers, these don't bite their owners)
  • and yes that really is the inside of The Venetian hotel...a canal, real gondolas, real water...sheesh, what next.

Gambler     Ye Olde Criminal     MGM Lion    Just one cornetto


Er, other crazy stuff - "only in Las Vegas":

Stretch Hummer     Everything a bloke could ask for