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Day 9:  Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

We were lucky enough to receive a fabulous gift of a trip to Grand Canyon, by helicopter, courtesy of Lisa's folks (Reg and Joan) and sister Donna & better half, Ian.

Hence a dedicated page for the event!

The trip we chose lasted from about 8 in the morning until mid-afternoon.  A minibus collects everyone from respective hotels around Las Vegas, offloading at the Heliport by McCarran International Airport.  After a weigh-in (!) so that the pilots can assign balanced seating arrangements to all passengers, you're off...

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Passing right overhead Hoover Dam.  Constructed in 1935, one of the highest ever built.  Workers had to live in a nearby purpose-built village (Boulder City) in which Gambling was illegal - this ensured their timely arrival for shifts, as Vegas was too far for an evening trip to gamble away the wages...

Hoover Dam


So here we are on the canyon floor.  Because of nearby Indian Reservations, the choppers can only fly into a restricted area of Grand Canyon, but it's good enough to feel the grandeur of the place.  Although it can feel a bit like an airport at times!  Champagne and mid-morning snack laid on in the shade...

Watching me watching you     Snack shack     Lisa on Canyon floor     Cheese


Colorado River snakes through the canyon, and stays brown until it reaches lake Mead.

Colorado River     Canyon Cactus     Buttress

Colorado River again     ...and again...